Born and raised in Michigan, in a middle class family. I learned from my parents to work hard, be honest and help others. In school I made many friends and still talk to many of them to this day. Some have also become clients.

   All my life I have had the desire to do things in a creative way and I began to draw and take pictures and paint. This just continued to grow when I discovered comics and was just pulled into the art that goes into making them. This love of the illustrated media took me through high school and into Eastern Michigan University where I began to expand my creative ideas and media. It was there that I was introduced to the Mac and found even more I could do creatively. I continued to pursue this after graduation at Macomb Community College where I took several courses on layout and design, then I was hired at Ameritech (which later became SBC, AT&T and finally YP). There I got far better and faaster and found I loved working on computers and could do so much creatively with them as a tool. I also met my wife there and we are still going strong.

   This leads to today where I get to do a wide variety of things using all my art skills to create many things in a computer environment.

   This brought me back to Macomb several times to learn web design, flash animation and most of all photography. Since being that child taking pictures I had slowly learned more but was a tad frustrated at film since I couldn't see right then what the image looked like. So Id stop and start. Then after I learned the magic of PhotoShop photography became a digital media. Cameras started shooting images and you could see there on the spot what you had captured. THAT was huge for me!. I bought a small digital camera and started shooting. I used my skill at PhotoShop to make my images into what I was seeing in my minds eye. Soon I graduated to my first DSLR and my current journey. I have went down the path learning this tool and ended up being certified by Macomb in photography. Since then I have been shooting all kinds of things from macro to landscape, portraits, weddings, children, and so much more.

  The end result of all of this creative growth is I have many interests in creative media. and it all becomes a part of my design work. My drawings and photos become a part of every design as I use those pieces to blend into whatever I design. Even if its a sale flyer, it will usually have a illustration I have conceived of and drawn to fit just so in the space I made for it. All that I have and continue to learn adds to my ever growing skill set and makes me a better designer. I never stop learning and growing.

About me: